About Us

We are Steve and Zane,

founders of Impressions On Market. We are two ambitious guys with a passion for creativity and a love for eras gone by, when customer service was an expectation not just a saying. All items we produce are manufactured in the U.S.A. at our shop in beautiful Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. 

We've invested heavily in an incredibly advanced digital printing system. Because we use digital imaging to print our product lines, we ALWAYS have your item "in stock" and never run out!

You don't have to tie up your cash flow, be bogged down with slow-moving inventory or risk purchasing too much for fear of not being able to re-order - we can have you restocked in a jiffy!

You are no longer bound to purchasing items "as is" - we can customize our merchandise by changing wording, fonts, design features and background colors. We can turn your idea into an exclusive product line for your store, something totally unique that lets you stand out from your competition. Contact us for details.

We are so confident in our products, we offer a swap-out program for our signs. Email us for information on this program. We aren't limited to printing on wood - we also print on tin & other metals, burlap, tile & stone, textiles and other materials. If you don't see the image of your choice offered on a particular product, email us - almost every image is interchangeable.

And we don't just print signs, we create custom lighting and furnishings that echo colonial times up through the mid-century period. Our printed breadboxes and saltboxes are a customer favorite, and our solid wood furnishings can be finished to your specifications.

Most importantly, we want to emphasize that our business operates on five principles: (1) the customer is always right; (2) when in doubt, see item 1; (3) exceed customer expectations both in quality and price; (4) always remember that our customers face trials on a daily basis and don't add to their problems; and (5) our customers are our most valuable asset - you are not a sale to us, you are family!

We look forward to being your new favorite supplier! Thank you for coming to our site.

With warmest wishes,

Steve & Zane

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